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8 — Cocodrilo — Organikoestocleidomastoideo

Четверг, 26 Апрель 2018

Acid Mind a.k.a. Luca de Rossi from Italy, DJ and member of Paramystical Records, is about to release the label’s first compilation «V.A. — Mystical Frequencies».

Acid Mind
Italian DJ & Event Promoter
In 2007, the project «Acid Mind» was initiated by Luca De Rossi, a DJ & event promoter from North East Italy.
He belongs to the Davya Crew, a collective of creatives, that regularly organized free parties in the Veneto Region.
Acid Mind was inspired by his very dear friend, DJ Ilai, who taught him how to work with the CDJ’s and so connecting him with the realms of psytrance.
His musical style ranges from dark, over forest, till the contemporary twilight and underground sound.
During the last years, he played all over Italy and became very quickly a landmark for the whole Italian trance scene.
Recently, he started his international experience playing his DJ sets abroad in Romania, Switzerland, Austria Luxemburg and UK Ozora festival.
2013 he joined the renowned Label «Woo-Dog Records» and in 2016 he began to collaborate with the new Brazilian label «Paramystical Records»
Since 2015 he became also an active partner of the “Sonica Dance Festival” in Italy, taking care of all the technical production.»

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