Celli Earthling — OZORA FESTIVAL CLOSING DJ Set 2014

Celli Earthling — OZORA FESTIVAL CLOSING DJ Set 2014

Суббота, 25 Ноябрь 2017

I managed to record my closing DJ set at this years Ozora Festival… I played on Sunday evening at 7pm at sunset going into the night… Thank you SO much to everyone who was there and danced and smiled and shared these hours with me, it was a huge honour to play the closing set at my favourite festival in the universe!! And an amazing end to an epic week!!

Track list:

Talpa — Letter From Vienna
Legohead — LFO
Legohead — LFO (GMS Remix)
Sybarite — Infinite Vibe
Lucas — Now and Zen
Hujaboy — Ancient Memories (unreleased)
Logic Bomb — Neighbour of the Beast
Logic Bomb — The Grid
Xpiral — Cosmic Music
Virtual Light vs Wizack Twizack — Crystal Castles
Shayman — Room 3007
LOUD — Motorcycle from Hell
Shayman — Stranger
Hallucinogen & Lucas — Pipeworm (LOUD Remix)
Hallucinogen — Mi-Loony-Um!
Sonic Species — Freak (Hujaboy Remix)
A Team — Hadrush
Sinerider & Aeon — Light in the Dark
Burn in Noise — Guardians of the Sky
Burn in Noise — Beyond Known Space
Kali & Outsiders — Time Machine
Rinkadink — Techmology (Neuroplasm Remix)
Black And White — Retro Active
Chromatone vs Beyond — Bounce Buda
Chromatone — Space Star Ordering (Audio Unit Remix)
Chromatone vs Virtual Light — Psypress Pill

Source by Earthling


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