Inpulse-lyam brera

Inpulse-lyam brera

Вторник, 24 Апрель 2018

William aka Dj PSYNOS Brera from the state of Mexico with 9 years of experience in the electronic scene his passion for the sounds of the beats I take to seek their identity in the scene now with more experience their set with strong plasma linear deep Atmospheras , smart loops is the unique style that shows this exponent you will taste with a unique essence you will be reflected with a good taste. throughout this time shared the stage with prominent national stature as Trancemission, Interactive Noise, Biogenesis, Vazik , Lamat, Intelligence, Inlakech, Brain Hunters, tron, to name a few and international as Solid Snake, Tegma, Microcheep, Orca, Outer Signal, Protonica, GMS, Egorhytmia, Easy riders, Ace Ventura, Technodrome, E-clip, Sally doolally Oliver Giacamotto, Fabio & Moon, Loud, Emok to name. Now is as label manager of Alha recordings alternating with hyper-activo, and euphoria entertainment.sus recs Nacompanics Sessions can be molded from an aggressive rhythmic techno to progressive trance or why not a serious psytrance goa dyes, is an excellent proposal to the scene after participating in major festivals : «magic eart» (Tamaulipas) «galactic dreams» (Nayarit) «the mushroom festival» (Michoacan) «sould fest (Morelos)» selected «(Quintana Roo)» yl festival «and» cool festival «(gentleman) to mention, a very promising.

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