Jaco & Lemon — Songkran

Среда, 16 Май 2018

This is the first song coming from label front man Lemon without Einar K.

With new partner Jaco, this song will sets the standard of what we can expect coming from the newly formed duo in the future.

Jaco is a young talent also coming from Fredrikstad in Norway and that have released a couple of tracks on DanceDP and Agenda music as well.

His first solo track was played by Markus Schulz on Global DJ Broadcast amongst many other shows.

With the fresh talent of Jaco, and Lemon’s experience with the trance sound and lead melodies its set for a new chapter with good music for the dancefloors from Apocalypse.

Songkran is a celebration in Thailand. It marks the coming of the rainseason after the dry season in April/May. Its also the warmest time of the year. The whole country goes crazy in a water festival throwing water on eachother for a week. Those who have experienced it will never forget it, so those who have not done it, we strongly recommend it.

Source by dancedp


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