Mr Andre — A Pillango (Original Mix)

Mr Andre — A Pillango (Original Mix)

Среда, 06 Июнь 2018

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Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAR-17-06
Release Date: 20.02.2017

Joining us again is the incredible Mr Andre. who continues to impress with his trance twist and his newest two-part «A Pillango/ Penguin Rodeo» EP.

We begin with «A Pillango» taken from its Hungarian for butterfly, we can see where the evolution and natural energy thrives. Stunning and emotive, the track is a display of breaks and the intertwining of the heavenly trance sound that we’ve come to love.

Staying true to his effortlessly and evoking sound with «Penguin Rodeo» Mr Andre has blended uplifting and sunset driven vibes to create an absolute gem of a tune. Embrace the piano melody, picturesque progression and euphoric atmospheres that are attached to the track.

01. A Pillango (Original Mix)
02. Penguin Rodeo (Original Mix)

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