The Pattern — Bitkit TWIZTERS Remix

The Pattern — Bitkit TWIZTERS Remix

Вторник, 12 Июнь 2018

B2B productions releases a free download remix by Bitkit — The Pattern — Twizters remix. Enjoy this sweat psychedelic techno track.

Bitkit his music is described as roaring powerful full on, uplifting trance, an emotional combination of pumping original basslines and a deadly accurate kick. Stuffed with crispy fresh psychedelic anthems, you get a mindblowing soundscape which will leave any dancefloor begging for more!

B2B productions is a (Psy)trance organisation based in Belgium. It all started in sept 2003 in the North of Antwerp and grew out as the biggest indoor promotor in belgium and abroad. Also hosting the B2B stage on the Tomorrowland festival and well known with all the biggest artists around the globe. B2B has managed and will continue to throw massive events for the people !

Twizters breaks dancefloors down with smashing breaks and get the crowd up with pumping beats. Mixing and scratching their sets together on 3 turntables with 2 mixers and synths, they can keep the beats flowing and growing all night long. With their energetic mix they have set numerous national and international dancefloors on fire. Rave on!


B2B productions


[email protected]

Source by Twizters


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