under costruction no title 150 bpm  g#2 no master

under costruction no title 150 bpm g#2 no master

Пятница, 08 Июнь 2018

under Emanuele aka Silver Haze started djing in first years of 2000 ,joining consolle with Franco Open Space and Riccardo Nemesis from Orbital tribe.
He strongly collaborated to realize psy-parties in the wild woods of Italy since the beginning of the story.
SH also took part in streets parades in the cities at Firenze 72 and Canapisa .
During last years Ema was fully active in psy-scene in the central Italy working with Human Evolution family,Alienation,Quarion tribe,Trance Travelling Machine,Fdp,Offlabel playing in Human Evolution festival , and other events.
Silver haze created in 2011 «We are light» one of best old style wild parties ever concepted ,a free entry celebration where all the people is interactive in build-in and everybody can help . Where the target is the respect of nature and the spread of the frequencies of light and sound .
After six successful editions W.A.L. moved to Spain where it’s planned for 2017.
Ema joined D Noir records in 2016 as a talented label-dj also dedicated to music production .
He always pushed undergound styles of trance ,now focused in twilight and night psy . no title 150 bpm g#2

Source by dj silver haze


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