Jackie White vs. Norion — Live @ Tomorrowland Festival, B2B Stage (26.07.2014)

Jackie White vs. Norion — Live @ Tomorrowland Festival, B2B Stage (26.07.2014)

Понедельник, 30 Июль 2018

Jackie White is a new progressive psytrance project of the DJ, remixer and producer Evgeniy Ryabinin also well-known as «SynSUN».
In 15 years of existence SynSUN released 5 albums, 5 E.P.s and more than 30 tracks for the other compilations becoming a global giant of psytrance music.
In SynSUN’s discography can be found remixes and tracks written in collaboration with such renowned projects as Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, Skazi, Yahel, Talamasca, Eskimo, Ticon and many others.

Among the most significant Jackie White live performances are iconic events in South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal etc.
As SynSUN Evgeniy is regularly invited to perform at one of the biggest world EDM festivals — Tomorrowland (Belgium).
In 2013 his Tomorrowland debut as Jackie White got a massive support and great feedbacks from world famous producers such as Astrix (dj mag #53) and Neelix (dj mag #96).
Currently Jackie White is working on his first album which is about to be finished very soon…

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01 / Pixel & Vini Vici — Anything and Everything
02 / Day.Din — Cacophony
03 / Tezla — Scary Stuff
04 / Morten Granau — Polynomial (Ranji Remix)
05 / Coming Soon — Nana Groove
06 / Seven Monkeys — Seven Monkeys
07 / Big Brother & Major7 — Retrig
08 / Vice & Morten Granau — Potential
09 / Ace Ventura — Presence (Jackie White Remix)
10 / Jackie White — Give Me a Call
11 / Black and White vs. Major7- Black7 (Coming Soon Remix)
12 / Capital Monkey — 90-th
13 / Major7 vs Sub6 — Sub7 (DaVinci Code Remix)
14 / X-Noize — (Jackie White vs Norion Remix)

Source by SynSUN


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